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When looking at Adore Skin Care reviews, as with looking at the reviews of any business, there are going to be both positive and negative aspects. Unfortunately we cannot satisfy everyone in our lives as much as we would like to, and sometimes even the smallest thing that has gone wrong can affect an entire experience. For example, when purchasing a product, whether the staff member serving says “Have a nice day” may be enough to create a positive or negative review, or perhaps even the quality of the product and whether or not it does what it says that it will do. Let’s have a look at Adore Skin Care reviews to see what people have thought about Adore’s range of products and customer service.


Positive Adore Skin Care reviews


Adore is considered to be the total package. Everything from the location of the store to the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff and most importantly the amazing skin care products. The staff themselves is as beautiful as their line of luxurious skin care products, as too is the presentation of the store. Another positive Adore Skin Care review discusses how effective the demonstrations are, and the fact that there were noticeable differences in the skin and eyes after the products were applied. Customers also commented on the fact that Adore is a complete experience – you simply come into the store, relax, have a drink and get pampered.


Negative Adore Skin Care reviews


There are several common negative Adore Skin Care reviews. The most common is that it can be very difficult to return the products if they cause any skin inflammations or do not perform as they are supposed to. Many customers have spoken about the “No Refund” policy that is not in clear sight of customers in many stores which states that products can only be exchanged within 14 days of purchase. Many customers have also complained of the “used car salesman” pushy sales tactics that they have to deal with then walking past or entering one of Adore’s stores, and how quickly the staff are willing to discount products and add more for the same discounted price so that you will buy.


There are both positive and negative Adore Skin Care reviews, which show that different people have different expectations, which affect their experiences when dealing with Adore. For this reason, not only is it a good idea to make sure that you read both sides of the argument, but also go into the store and see for yourself what experience you will encounter. There could be a million negative Adore Skin Care reviews, but when you walk into the store, you walk out just having the most amazing experience of your life.