Post Partum Beauty Tips

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Stacy G. lives in Los Angeles where she manages to surf between her job as a designer and her new role as a mom for Dan. “Becoming a mom is one of the most wonderful journeys a woman can experience. During pregnancy, knowing you are actually growing a human being inside of you is absolutely mind-blowing. Feeling him grow and develop day by day is really surprising. And when birth arrives, nothing will go back to being the same. For better and worse. Once you give birth, it will be all about your baby. Luckily there are some brands, like Adore Cosmetics, that can help you tackle your lack of ‘me’ time with some quick and effective products that will make you look (and feel) fresh again.”

Regarding your daily routine, what has changed the most now that you are a mom?

“Basically, everything! Things that went went unnoticed before, like taking a shower or sleeping 8 straight hours, are a luxury now. Fortunately I can rely on my husband so I can relax a little bit and at least put on some makeup and do my hair. As I now have less time for me, I am discovering new beauty products with long-lasting effects. I can put them on in the morning and wear them all throughout the day without worrying too much.”

what about sleep?

“I am breastfeeding, so my husband can’t stand in for me on this one. During the first months, I slept so lightly that dark circles begun to appear under my eyes. That was the first time ever I had them. So I added the Element de-puffing eye gel to my morning routine. Its cold applicator is key for reducing the swelled bags under my eyes. I still long for a good long nap, but at least I don’t look like a zombie!”

Have you experienced dryness in your hair and skin?

“That was really surprising, because I used to have normal to oily skin, and all of a sudden it turned so dry! I was told that this is caused by this hormonal roller-coaster that I am going through, and also because breastfeeding uses a lot of water from my body. So best advice is to hydrate very well and to use a good moisturizer. As far as hair is concerned, I still haven’t experienced dryness or hair loss. Buy I heard this is something very common, so I think hydration is working well for both my skin and my hair.”

Pregnancy hormones also tend to pigment your skin in an odd way. Besides the area under your eyes, did you have to deal with these changes?

“I think I experienced every post partum effect, so this is also on my list! And this is also why I am so fond of Adore Cosmetics products. I started using the Dark Spot Targeting Treatment Cream, which has vitamin C, the most effective skin lightener available in nature.”

How do you manage to stay fit?

“That wasn’t easy at the beginning. I quit going to the gym because I didn’t want to leave Dan for so long. And then I found an amazing dance class, mostly Latin rhythms, that is aimed for parents with newborns. So I go with my baby wrapped around my chest and we have an amazing time dancing together. This place also has a nursery where you can leave your 2-to-6-year-old child during your dance class. Now I can stay fit doing something fun that I really enjoy and without having to worry about leaving my son.”

Did you change your diet habits now that you are a mom?

“My eating habits got better throughout time. Before getting pregnant I used to eat almost everything. I didn’t have unhealthy habits, but if one day I craved for some junk food, I went for it with no regrets. During pregnancy I became more aware of what I ate, basically because my baby was getting those nutrients. So I made a better balance between fruits, vegetables and proteins. Of course, every now and then I got some sweets and desserts, but only if I had previously made a healthy intake. These habits also helped me manage my ideal weight during those 40 weeks.

“With breastfeeding I am still in a way sharing what I eat with Dan. Now it has less to do with nutrients, and more with flavors. My dietitian told me that some flavors, especially those in vegetables are present in breast milk, so exposing my son to them will make him more likely to accept that vegetable in the near future when I introduce him to the actual ingredient. I now also try to avoid foods that may cause stomach strain, because those nutrients can pass to my milk and cause colic to the baby. I learned this the hard way… after several nights without sleeping due to non-stop baby crying!”

What is your best advice for soon-to-be new moms?

“Enjoy this wonderful period with your baby. Follow your gut and don’t try to impress anybody by looking like a superwoman. You are imperfectly perfect. So what if one day you are grumpy and another day you look a little bit un-groomed. You have created another human being! Go treat yourself. You deserve it.”

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