Gold Face Mask: 5 Reasons Why You Need It

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Gold Face Mask

We definitely love gold. Gold is top notch. Whenever we wear gold in jewelry, clothes, or even makeup we instantly feel powerful and elevated. But what about a Gold Face Mask? Does it really have amazing benefits for our skin or is it just a marketing strategy to sell more expensive items?

According to Cleopatra:  “Much has been written about the incredible life and tragic death of Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Often depicted as a great beauty who had a theatrical sense of personal style that captivated everyone around her, Cleopatra used her striking looks and flair for the dramatic to her personal and political advantage.

While Cleopatra wasn’t actually Egyptian (she was of Greek lineage), her adoration for gold was on par with her fellow rulers of the time. It’s rumored that she covered her face in pure gold masks every night to maintain her perfect complexion.”

Nowadays we can treat ourselves like she did with the Golden Touch 24K techno-dermis facial mask, by Adore.

Gold’s chemical symbol is Au, that stands for the Latin word Aurum, which means, “beaming sunrise”. And having products with 24K gold means that it has its maximum quality and purity. Now everything starts making sense.

So, what are the skincare benefits of a gold face mask?

#1 Cell renovation.

Gold has the property to easily exchange electrons with other ions present in the skin, thus helping cell renovation. You can have new skin cells in just one application.

#2 Elasticity.

There are two proteins present in the skin that keep it firm and elastic: collagen and elastin. As time goes by, our body reduces the production of both proteins and this is shown by the appearance of wrinkles. Luckily, gold can stimulate collagen and elastin production, leaving a “lifting effect” after its application.

#3 Anti oxidant = anti ageing

Gold is a potent antioxidant. In addition to its ability to boost cell renovation, gold can seal skin against external aggressions like pollution or sun radiation. In ancient times, it was thought that eating in golden dishes was a means to extend life for its anti-aging properties.

#4 Enhances blood circulation.

Due to its ability to move things around among cells, gold can stimulate microcirculation in the skin. In this sense, every other ingredient added to the golden skincare product will act more effectively because it will penetrate more easily to the deepest layers of the skin.

#5 You feel empowered!

Treating yourself like a diva is always empowering. Golden masks are being used by Hollywood stars, royals, and divas around the world. And it is not just to embellish their social media feeds. The results are real and almost immediate. Who doesn’t want to have the power to stop time and gain youth in just 15 minutes? Now you can do it!

How should you use a Gold Face Mask?

Step 1: wash your face thoroughly.

We don’t want any impurity clogging our pores, thus hampering the action of the mask’s ingredients.

Step 2: Take the gold face mask out of its package.

Place Adore’s Golden Touch 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask on your face, sit back, and relax. Turn the music on, and enjoy the following 15 minutes as probably Cleopatra did. You can leave the mask on for longer if you want. To extend the results, you should apply one mask every 4 weeks.

Gold Face Mask: What Results You Can Expect

When makeup artist and Internet celebrity Jeffree Star tried this mask for the very first time, he was instantly wowed by its results. Many celebrities and beauty influencers claim that the Golden Touch 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask gives a highly refreshing sensation while wearing it. Even those with sensitive skin said that the experience was very soothing with no itchiness or unpleasant sensations at all.

After removing the mask, you will find that your skin is more hydrated and luminous. You will even see tiny particles of gold here and there that reflect light in a very warm way. Even after applying foundation you will be able to see that glowing effect from the 24K gold.

In line with this amazing facial mask, you can also try Adore’s Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask, which may seem a little bit tiresome to use (compared to a ready-to-wear facial mask), but the results are really stunning. First, you have to spread a layer of mask over your entire face, avoiding your eye area and leave it for 7 minutes. Then, remove the mask using the magnet bar attached in the box. You will notice a thin golden layer in your skin that the magnet will not remove. Massage gently your face for the nutrients in that thin layer to penetrate your skin. Finally, cleanse your face to remove the excess.

To have an overall luxury face treatment, you should try the 24K Techno-Dermis Eye Mask, also by Adore Cosmetics, for a complete at-home treatment.

Now it is time to dazzle!
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