Skincare Secrets from Victoria’s Secret Models

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Skincare Secret

Skincare secrets from Victoria’s Secret Models are a hot topic nowadays. And how could they not be? They are the most beautiful women in the world, so when it comes to beauty tips when they speak, we sit and listen. And the reason is that these gorgeous Victoria Secret Models have access to some of the most amazing skincare experts in the world. The learn every single day how to look better and better. Plus, it’s their job to look flawless no matter how hectic their schedule gets! So we’ve done some research and found some amazing skincare secrets from the most stunning VS Angels. Looks like a clear, picture-perfect complexion doesn’t come naturally to most of us. And, you may be surprised to learn supermodels work hard for it too. It has to do with diet, sleep, stress — and of course, a solid beauty routine. Skincare is the new makeup!

So, checkout some backstage skincare secrets and how you can too, get that perfect skin at home!

The Victoria’s Secret Skincare Diet

Number one in the list of skincare secrets from Victoria’s Secret Models is diet. Every Angel agrees that a clean, balanced diet is one of the best skincare secrets out there. We do glow from within, so staying hydrated, eating healthy fats and greens and getting enough sleep are key.

Mzia Shiman, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show skin specialist also noted, that “drinking a skin-boosting green juice a day” can help overall natural complexion. But an important Angel tip is to avoid putting in too much high-sugar fruit such as apple, and watermelon, otherwise juicing can actually have a reverse effect! Juices are no substitute to good old plain water. And the angels always keep a bottle handy at all times throughout the day is a good way to remember to hydrate.

Adriana Lima takes it even one step further, and swears by Coconut Water! And she doesn’t stop there! She swears by soaking cotton pads in coconut water and lightly pressing them onto her skin.

8 Skincare Secrets

Skincare Secret #1 Ice Cold Water Tightens Your Pores

You know what they say: beauty hurts. And often times it’s not even fun. Victoria Secret Angel Karlie Kloss’s skincare hack will blow your mind. Every morning, she splashes her face with ice cold water for about 20 seconds. The benefits? A poreless youthful complexion.

#2 Depuffing Undereye Bags

Karlie Kloss said during a People interview: “I remember specifically all throughout high school and early modeling days, I would always keep spoons in my freezer and stick them under my eyes. They were much less official and technical than this. But the idea of it is that it just draws circulation”. Another supermodel trick is to use ADORE COSMETICS – GOLDEN TOUCH 24K TECHNO-DERMIS EYE MASK. These age-defying eye masks will boost your radiance. Models love to use them right before photoshoots or while on a plane.

#3 Prime Your Skin with a Serum

Unless you want your makeup to look weird and cakey, hydrate your skin with a serum and not cream. Every Angel knows serums absorb faster and look better with makeup on. Try this Adore Cosmetics Elite Facial Serum with a special Vitamin C, E and jojoba seed oil helps improve the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity. This serum works great below makeup and promotes a supple-looking angel skin.

#4 Change Your Skincare Routine

Victoria’s Secret Model Victoria Lee revealed how she gets her glowing skin during a Marie Claire interview: “My routine changes depending on how my skin is feeling and the weather. During the winter my routine is more focused on hydrating with oils and thicker moisturisers. Where as, in summer I use much lighter products, allowing my skin to breathe.”  A great facial cleanser for winter is the Adore Synphony Oil Cleanser. It will also work on different skin types: Dry skin is softer, while oily, sensitive, or troubled skin, feels pampered and looks more radiant.

#5 Reduce Redness and Inflammation

According to In Style, the angels turn to soothing treatments “that work against inflammation, redness, and dehydration”. For that instant glow and a refreshed, calmed dewy complexion try the Adore Cosmetics Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask.

#6 LED Light Therapy Treatments

Another Victoria Secret Model skincare secret was revealed by Angel Shanina Shaik. A true lover of the red LED Light Therapy Treatment Shanina first shared her skincare tip when preparing for her wedding to then fiancé, now hubby DJ Ruckus. She said it is the best way to treat acne, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, and her flawless skin speaks on its own.

#7 Keep You Skincare Regimen Simple

If what you covet the VS glow, take it from Georgia Fowler, who is widely known for her great skin. Victoria Secret model Georgia Fowler’s advice is to keep it simple. “I truly think less is more sometimes, find a few products that work for you, and stick to them” she says.

Skincare Secret #8 Stick To A Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type

The 29-year-old Candice Swanepoel is an iconic VS Angel. But she has also modelled for almost every fashion house we can think of (think Fendi, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce and Gabbana). He skincare secret is to never skip a step in her oily skin skincare routine. She told Elle Magazine: “I do a cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise and use an eye cream in the morning. Then I’ll exfoliate twice a week. I also use sunscreen every day, whether it’s sunny or not. I like a foaming cleanser because I have quite oily skin. I really like to feel like I’m getting all the dirt off. I have one that I get from Wholefoods that’s green tea based, it’s super natural.”

So those were the top skincare secrets from Victoria’s Secret Angels. If you enjoyed reading Skincare Secrets from Victoria’s Secret Models, continue reading 13 Foods That Are Good For Your Skin.

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