Stem Cell Skin Care: All Your Questions Answered

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stem cell skin care

Is stem cell skin care the ultimate secret to younger-looking skin? We have broken down the science behind these pricey celebrity skin care products to help you understand the present and future of skincare.


Plant and fruit-infused skincare may be old news, but expensive technology developed in recent years allows the extraction of plant stem cells to be used in luxury moisturizers and serums. Adore Cosmetics has developed a unique skincare line based on plant stem cell formula. Their products claim to help human skin stem cells renew themselves, hence, delaying the aging process. These new advancements claim to have upped the skincare game to a whole new level and for good. But, are they actually worth the splurge? Today, we will walk you through the most frequently asked questions regarding stem cell skin care so that you can decide.


What are stem cells?

Stem cells are biological cells found in all plants and animals. Us humans are all born with all the stem cells we will ever have. So we need to take good care of them.

What makes stem cells different from other cells?

They have a very unique characteristic. Unlike other cells, these continue to replace themselves through cell division during your entire life.

What’s the difference between plant and human stem cells?

Unlike human stem cells, every plant cell has the ability to turn back into a stem cell and grow into an entirely new plant. Can you imagine if we could do that? Researchers have long been interested in plants’ ability to heal themselves, stay fresh long after being harvested and protect themselves from prolonged exposure to UV rays, all of which are things plants can do thank to their stem cells but humans can’t. Most certainly it would mean an amazing breakthrough if it could all be translated into skincare tech.

What are skin stem cells?

Epidermal stem cells are located in the innermost layer of the surface of the skin. These are the ones we usually refer to as skin stem cells. Their job is to constantly renew our skin and regenerate damaged tissue by forming new skin cells. Ever wondered how your finger heals from a cut? You have your skin stem cells to thank for that!

How was the new plant stem cell technology for skin care discovered?

Funny enough, it all started with an apple. (And no, we’re not talking about Newton’s theory of gravity here). This particular apple found in Switzerland was called the Uttwiler Spatlaüber. And it displayed the extremely rare ability to heal itself while still on the tree.  Yes, you heard it right! If its skin was cut it was able to regenerate and reverse the damage as long as it was still up on the tree. Pretty amazing, right? Well in 2008, extracts were finally taken from this apple and scientists began to play around with it. They were curious, and wondered if somehow this could help human skin as well. Can you blame them?  Finally a study by the International Journal for Applied Science, showed that creams containing the extract decreased “crow’s feet” wrinkle depth after four weeks and protected human skin cells. And that’s how stem cell skin care started.

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