Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Kit

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Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Kit Beautifies Your Skin


Most women are at risk of unhealthy skin and pre-mature ageing. Did you know one of the biggest reasons, which lead to the mentioned conditions, is due to lack of oxygen transfer? However, there’s no need to worry about sufficient oxygen supply towards regulating the nutrients in your skin. The Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Kit is your complete solution towards well-balanced complexion.


What is the Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Kit?adore organic innovation oxygen booster-peeling adore organic innovation oxygen booster-cream adore organic innovation oxygen booster- activator


It is the capillaries, which facilitate the transfer of nutrients from the food you eat and the products you apply on your skin. For your skin’s capillaries to stay healthy, it needs a healthy supply of oxygen. However with the busyness of daily life plus the presence of pollution or free radicals in the atmosphere, the skin’s capillaries do not get the supply of oxygen which you’ll need.


With the Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Kit, you can bring back the youthfulness of your skin with its stem cells and glycerine formula. These two main components would predispose your face to receive all the oxygen it will need to transfer nutrients and vitamins towards suppleness. In the process, the skin will remain elastic and moist since enough ingredients have already been absorbed to keep your complexion healthy.


The Contents of the Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Kit


This entire kit has three main products. They include the Oxygen Booster Microdermabrasion Peeling Treatment, Activator Serum and Nourishing Cream. These three main products should be used every night before you go to sleep. Did you know the skin absorbs most of a product’s nutrients especially at night? This is because the pores open up more at this time, and this makes it possible for the Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Kit to get better absorbed.


In Using the Kit


As you do your evening rituals, the first thing you must do is to wash your face with your favorite cleanser. You may then dry your skin with a gentle cloth. The next step would be to apply Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Kit’s Oxygen Booster Microdermabrasion Peeling Treatment on to your forehead, cheeks and chin. Massage the exfoliating treatment on your dry face for about three to five minutes. Make sure to avoid the area.


While still having the peeing treatment on, squeeze some healthy amounts of the Activator Serum on to your face. Massage the serum along with the peeling treatment, until you see tiny bubbles or white foam form on to your skin. Rinse the entire solution with warm water and wipe the Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Kit’s first two ingredients off our face with a soft cloth.


Lastly, apply the nourishing skin on to your face with circular motions and let its ingredients stay on to your face for the entire evening. Make sure the cream gets thoroughly absorbed. With continued use, you will have a youthful glow and supple skin in no time.


Check out the Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Kit and see what the entire solution can do for your skin today.


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